What is Richmond Seltzer Co hard seltzer?

Richmond Seltzer Co. hard seltzer is a local, handcrafted seltzer made in RVA! We make our seltzers with locally sourced, natural ingredients.

Does Richmond Seltzer Co hard seltzer contain allergens?

Depending on the simple syrups or flavoring, our seltzers may have been produced in a facility that uses milk, tree nuts, peanuts, soy, eggs, and wheat, but our seltzers do not directly have these ingredients.

Is Richmond Seltzer Co seltzer gluten free?

Yes, aside for the possibility of the allergen contamination listed above.

Does Richmond Seltzer Co seltzer contain caffeine?

No, but if any of our flavorings contain caffeine in the future they will be specified as such.

Are Richmond Seltzer Co products sugar-free?

Our seltzers don’t include added sugar. The only sugar you’ll see on the label comes from any sugar used in fruits and flavorings that we use.

Do Richmond Seltzer Co products contain GMOs?

All of the ingredients in our sparkling water are non-GMO certified. Many of our cans now have the official non-GMO certification but you may still see cans in the market without the non-GMO badge. This is just because we’re actively transitioning to including the new badge. All contents are still non-GMO.

Does Richmond Seltzer Co Seltzer contain hops?

None of our seltzers currently contain hops.

Is Richmond Seltzer Co Seltzer kosher?

Not currently, but Iain and Vanessa are both Jewish so it’s on our to-do list.

Is your fruit organic?

In short, no. At Richmond Seltzer Co all of our fruit is non-GMO and sourced from either local syrup producers or other manufacturers in the US; although the fruit and flavorings are not technically certified organic. 

We are closely involved with the entire process of the creation of our product. From visiting family farms to tasting each and every batch we make. 

We are currently not working with farmers but may do so in the future.

Do I need to refrigerate Richmond Seltzer Co products?

We do recommend refrigerating Richmond Seltzer Co seltzers for the best experience. That said, you can store our sparkling waters at ambient temperatures (below 80ºF)—but we recommend that you consume them after they have been chilled.

How best can the carbonation of the product be maintained?

It is always recommended to chill a carbonated beverage prior to opening. Carbonation is carbon dioxide (CO2) dissolved in beverage or water. The carbon dioxide is most absorbed at lower temperatures. If a bottle is opened warm, a portion of the carbon dioxide will be in the headspace of the bottle and will be released upon opening. 

I am Richmond Seltzer Co’s biggest fan. Can I partner with the brand?

Yes, of course! Please contact us.

Is Richmond Seltzer Co able to sponsor my event or sports team?

We are always open to hearing about your events. Please contact us with details about your sponsorship opportunity.